Five Amazing Podcasts For Your Commute

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Best podcasts for ambitious millenials

Podcasts! Over the last couple of years, thousands of them have been recorded. This is good news, because they’re an excellent antidote to the drudgery that can seep into city life.
Drift away into some stand-up comedy and forget your morning commute as you stand in someone’s armpit on the train, or swot up on a foreign language in the shower. From audio art projects to hard core history to tech nerds shooting the s***, there’s something out there for everyone.
Best podcasts for ambitious millenials

Being discerning Iris Lillian readers, I figure you’re probably big on clever engaging content with a sprinkling of female empowerment and maybe a side of comedy thrown in for good measure. Am I right? Given that you’re going places, you’re probably also short on time and need to pick a podcast as you’re rushing out the door. So, to help you cut through the crap I have selected five clever, amazing podcasts that you should listen to right now. Maybe all at once. Your ears will thank you for it.

Best podcasts for ambitious millenials
Best podcasts for ambitious millenials
1. Two Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are the definition of lady bosses. It is very difficult not to binge on their podcasts whilst cackling madly on public transport. They’re two bright and hilarious African American stand-up comedians who talk about what it’s like to challenge social stereotypes and be yourself in modern society. In each episode, they have a smattering of excellent guest comedians.

2. The Call

Do you want to step up and do something epic? Follow your dreams, take action, change the world? This is the opening line of the description for former political strategist Erica Williams’ podcast The Call. In each episode she interviews an inspiring and super successful woman about her life journey and how she answered her life’s calling. If it doesn’t inspire you to leap out of bed an hour earlier each day and chase down your dreams, nothing will.

3. The Guilty Feminist

This podcast feels like a very British group therapy for women who believe in feminism but feel like they could be better at it. Comedian Frances-White hosts guests in front of a live audience each week to ‘confess their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles’. If you’ve ever felt a bit guilty about stuff like loving the West Wing despite Aaron Sorkin being a total sexist, or enjoying being dominated in the bedroom, this podcast is for you lady.

4. Still Processing

Jenna Wortham is my girl crush. She’s a young, bright woman of colour who also happens to be a culture writer at the New York Times. Swoon. She co-hosts this excellent podcast with fellow Times journo Wesley Morris, and they discuss popular culture in the broadest sense. I recommend you watch Wonder Woman and then listen to the episode where they critique it to have all your feminist misgivings validated.

5. S-Town

This podcast doesn’t contain any feminism or comedy, in fact the star of the show John B. Macklemore has some questionable views about women. But it is just down right brilliant. From Serial and This American Life, this series is a little different to their earlier podcasts. It is all about the true story of what happens when a genius antiquarian horologist from Shit Town Alabama harasses journalist Brian Reed to investigate a murder. It’s hard not to listen to the whole thing in one sitting.

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Best podcasts for ambitious millenials

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