Get Your Mitts On This Season’s Iconic Cashmere Sweater

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Follow Alexa Chung’s lead & you’ll be the coolest cat on the street this fall with one of these kitsch, uber cool cashmere sweaters by my favourite Breton t’shirt brand, Chinti and Parker.

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or

My Chinti and Parker Star Sweater (above) was the first cashmere I ever purchased. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this post amidst the roaring air-conditioning of my local Hong Kong coffee shop.

I wouldn’t usually fork out heaps of dosh for a sweater, but in 2013 I was on the bus on my way to work reading this article by seminal lifestyle blogger Liberty London Girl (LLG). Aside from my unwavering loyalty to whatever LLG promoted, I was impressed by the brand’s ethical stance on production and the unique and adorable designs. From that day, I was hooked. Now I have a drawer dedicated to Chinti and Parker striped tops (see this post) and when I’m in London I’ll always be first in line at the annual sample sale.

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or
Olivia Palermo & Alexa Chung wear Chinti and Parker sweaters. Photo credit:
Not only is Chinti and Parker the bee’s knees, so are its founders: cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood. Anna recently told me about what inspired them to jump headfirst into launching a fashion label and why Miffy is the star of this season’s collection.
The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or
Anne Singh of Chinti and Parker Photo credit:
 What inspired you to launch Chinti and Parker?

I ran a beauty brand called Pout with three other girls before it was sold to an American company. My cousin and co-founder, Rachael, worked for Browns Fashion doing e-commerce, so that also gave us a good background for starting a new brand. We would often come back from trips to the States with handfuls of luxury basics in cotton or cashmere from brands such as James Perse as high-quality casualwear was harder to come by in the UK at the time. We thought it would be great to have a UK-based brand to incorporate the concept with a focus on knitwear innovation and considered detailing.

How do you juggle family demands and a successful business?

It can get pretty crazy, but I try to be fully present wherever I am. If I’m home, my energy is 100% at home, and at work – work. It doesn’t always play out perfectly, but it’s what I aim for.

Do you feel there is a community surrounding your brand?

Yes definitely, our customer is very loyal. The community is global, we feel our woman is as likely to be in London as she is in New York or Canada.

What was your inspiration for collaborating with the Miffy brand?

We always like to incorporate a playful element into the collections, and Miffy, being an iconic character who has ties to pop-art as well as design, was an obvious choice for a capsule.

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or

Who is the Chinti and Parker woman?

Our woman can be described as a discerning, and a somewhat ageless tomboy who isn’t seduced by fast-fashion. She loves to travel and is always focused on quality and textiles.

For my next trip to wintery, cold London I’ll be rugging up in at least one of these fab sweaters, pairing it with a dark blue waxed 3/4 accordion skirt. Here are my top six picks from the new collection – which one do you think I should choose?

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or

The coolest sweaters of the season by elissa or

Photo credit: Chinti and Parker

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  1. Vena Lion says

    I love this post, thanks for sharing. I think my favorite sweaters would have to be the Friday, Over the Rainbow, and the stars of course. I personally love the cashmere sweaters and always prefer them over any other, super soft and so warm.

    Hello from Vena at

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Three favourites Vena! Yes, the star sweater is pretty spesh. 🙂 How fab is cashmere?!

  2. Kristie Murray says

    Elissa, you have such a lovely blog! And Hong Kong based – lucky you! HK is definitely on my list! I love cashmere and I love a sweater… would love one of these beauties they are gorgeous!

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Thanks Kristie! That’s so kind of you. HK is amazing – such a vibrant and dynamic city – I love it! If you want any travel tips, let me know. x

  3. Amaia Arana says

    They look very nice and funky!

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Thanks Amaia! Which one is your favourite?

      1. Amaia Arana says

        I like the yellow and black stripes one and I find the ´Friday’ sweater funny and easy to wear

        1. Elissa says

          The yellow and black striped one is a beautiful classic look, isn’t it? The ‘Friday’ sweater would be a great casual Friday option for the office over a 3/4 navy accordion skirt. What would you wear the Friday jumper with?

        2. Iris Lillian says

          The yellow one is a perfect classic piece I agree! And the ‘Friday’ sweater would be great to wear to work for casual Friday with a 3/4 accordion skirt. How would you wear the Friday sweater?

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