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The Gifts Your Friends Really Want This Christmas

Christmas Gift List for Friends

Gift ideas for your best friends 

Last night I polished off a pint of mulled wine & a jar of Selfridges potted blue Stilton (for old times’ sake) before getting stuck in to my holiday shopping list.

I’m not sure whether it was the wine, the cheese-haze or London’s festive melee but I drew a blank. So, I hit up my buds for help (thanks guys!).

The best Christmas wish list of the yearThe trinkets trending on their 2016 holiday gift lists are…

  1. The ol’ second-mortgage hand bag-erino returns for another year, just in case it actually sticks this time. The Hermes Birkin and Saint Laurent Classic just pipped the Chloe Drew at the post.
  2. A bright yellow cashmere jumper with lewd Miffy bunnies on the front. A solid option. Who doesn’t love Miffy, particularly when she’s all like Friday night at da’ club?
  3. An expensive bottle of champagne. Or…three.
  4. (You’re so) fancy candle. Burnt the turkey again? Light one of these and no one will ever know…
  5. A Daschund puppy, preferably called Schnitzel von Krumm, or S.V.K. for short, with a matching engraved dog tag. (Take note Mr D).
  6. Loved ones – “I might be very boring, but all I want is time out with my loved ones.” Hash tag, awww.
  7. Marysia togs – the bathers of the moment. They WILL sell out.
  8. And, taking the honours for the most sought after gift of 2016 is….*drum-roll*…. sleep. “Sleep. Sun. And then some more sleep. It is seriously all I want!
And, for those husbands/brothers/mates determined to defy the post-hipster era (hi Mr D!) do the charitable thing & deck their face pubes with pretty beard baubles. ‘Tis the season for giving, after all.

The best Christmas wish list of the year

What’s #1 on your holiday wish list this year?

Gift ideas for your best friends 

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