Knackered? This Is Your Self-Care Wish List

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Hands up who else is absolutely shattered by the time holidays roll around? If your answer is a categorical “yes”, read on.

This year (with a five-month-old in tow) there’s no appropriate superlative which describes the exhaustion that is my life right now. On the flip side, I’ve spent a shed-load of time googling while feeding through the night and I’ve come up with a stellar self-care wish list to help you (and me) make the most of 2019. With one or all of these little indulgences I’m sure we’ll be feeling chipper (and more ourselves) in no time.

1. Pamper

You know you deserve it, so sign up for a f-load of facials.

I’m a big fan of Skin Laundry.Christmas wish list for new mumsChristmas wish list for new mums

2. Something for bed

Most days I’m still in my pyjamas at 2pm, so I figure I may as well be ultra comfortable. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, luxuriate in these Genevieve Sweeney cashmere beauties.

Christmas gift list for new mums

For you southern hemisphere ladies, these Luna Atelier pure silk PJs are divine. I own the slip in the same print, which I can just as legitimately wear to dinner as I can to bed. Win.

gifts for new mums

3. A (really) nice bottle of red

Like, $500-dollars-per-glass nice? I can’t drink much as I’m breastfeeding so when I do I make sure it’s good. Although, maybe not this good. A girl can dream…Best gifts for mums

4. A bookshelf in the palm of your hand

There’s nothing like a good book to read by the pool/fireplace and escape the stresses of the season. I’m not dextrous enough to hold a baby and a book at the same time so there hasn’t been much reading going on in my house. BUT, my hubby (bless him) came to the rescue this week and surprised me with a Kindle Paperwhite. Problem solved.

Best christmas gifts for mum5. Beach accessory

I grew up on the beach, so I’ve been yearning to introduce the bub to the sand, surf and salty air. I want to protect his super soft, perfect skin so this sun shelter is a must.

6. Something classic

You’ll never regret a good investment. And if it doubles as something you can wear, even better. Vintage Chanel and Balmain blazers never go out of style.great gifts for new mums

best gifts for mum7. Something forever

My hubby bought me this Vanrycke necklace after I gave birth as a little celebratory gift. It’s the most delicate piece of jewellery I have ever seen. I love it. So will you.

best gift for new mums

8. A Night To Remember

Spending a night in a nice hotel (by yourself or with a friend) in your own city is the panacea for any level of exhaustion. I dream regularly of such things! Living in Hong Kong, I’d angle for a night at the Mandarin Oriental. I’m sure there’s a gorgeous hotel in your city already on your radar – look it up and drop the hint. Just imagine that looong sleep in and breakfast in bed. Happy-friggin-Christmas.

Best presents for mum

credit: Samishome

9. Something for someone else

Being a mother is no joke. I was lucky enough to have an incredible support network and access to healthcare professionals while I was pregnant and after I gave birth. They got me through twelve of the toughest months of my life.

Every Mother Counts is a charity which helps women around the world to gain access to the support and (prenatal and postnatal) care they need. A big fat donation to this cause is “#1 on my list”.

Gifts aside, hit up that eggnog and enjoy making happy memories with your family and friends this season!

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