This Season’s Key Look Will Sharpen Up Your Office Wardrobe

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Business Attire for Women – The Power Suit Explained.

None of us want to look dull at work, and this season we don’t have to.

*Yawn* Usually I cringe at the thought of wearing another boring suit to the office. But as I spotted here (and then proceeded to dance around the room) this fall/winter things are looking up for we desk-bound worker bees and our tired corporate kit.

Think polished, wearable tailored 9-5 wardrobe essentials, pants in fluid shapes and covetable corporate power suits. Checks and plaids are de rigueur and, in the bid for colour of the season, red came up trumps.

It would be easier to list the brands which didn’t offer a twist on the suit this season than those which did, but it would be remiss of me if I failed to draw your attention to Victoria Beckham and Tibi‘s ridunkulously epic [insert superlatives] pieces.

Clothes to infiltrate the gentleman’s club in

“‘I’ve always been about empowering women and never was there a time when that was more relevant,’ Victoria Beckham said backstage at her AW17 show, while models walked around in her bold shouldered double-breasted jackets and chiffon skirts.”

Her AW17 offering is “work wear that takes elements of the Nineties power suit (the shoulder pads, the double breast, the boxy shape, the wide trouser, the heritage fabrics) and pushes it forward with a more relaxed, fluid silhouette, layered over flowing silk chiffon for contrast.” Elle UK

Tibi – The Working Girl’s Power Suit

Tibi’s AW 17 collection is “chock-full of amazing power suits that every working girl needs to try.”

“Although suits are certainly nothing new — hello, Hillary Clinton— Tibi made them extra cool by adding a few key twists. One pantsuit was rendered in a cool blue velvet material, while another suit nixed the pants in favour of a miniskirt. The jacket silhouette was also the focal point: Broad, ’80s-inspired shoulders gave the suits an on-trend twist.” Who What Wear

Zara’s recent drop also followed suit.

How to rock this season’s versatile Power Suit

The great thing about this trend is its versatility. Wear your shiny new blazer with jeans and a cult slogan t’shirt or switch out the blazer for tailored extra wide-leg, slouchy pants or mini-skirt and retain the tee.

Surrender to the inevitable, ladies: there’s no excuse not to revamp your workwear wardrobe this season with a few tailored blazers and trousers.

Suits me to a tee.

Business attire for women Photo -
Attico founder, Giorgia Tordini, knows how to rock this season’s Power Suit.
Business attire for women
Victoria Beckham’s cropped orange.

The new corporate attire – tailored pants & blazers

Business attire for women
Business attire for women blazer by Tibi Photo Net A Porter
Tibi’s suit jacket with mini skirt. Yes.
Business attire for women blue suit
Business attire for women chic
Business attire for women coat
Business attire for women outfit
Business attire for women suit
Business attire for women
Zara – don one of your Dad’s double breasted blazers from the early 90s
Business attire for women Photo Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham – she can do no wrong

Business attire for casual Fridays and beyond

Business attire for women
Zara – blazer, jeans, ankle boots = slick
Business attire for women relaxed
Zara – business casual for women who rock
Business attire for women Photo Attico
Attico – get into these slouchy trousers – Business attire for women who mean boss


Business attire for women Victoria Beckham weekend
Victoria Beckham -slouch trousers for that off duty cool
I intend to fully embrace 2017’s incarnation of the Power Suit both in and out of the office. Do you? Which look do you love?
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Cover photo: Attico – Business attire for women

Business attire for women – wardrobe update

  1. sage & fae says

    I adore that first look! I am a more casual outfit sort of girl myself, but I would love to refer individuals to your blog for the office fashion which is on point!

  2. Beth Ann Myers says

    Thanks for this inspiration! I consider myself to be pretty fashion forward, but I’ve always had a hard time not looking completely stiff in a suit! Very helpful!

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Hey Beth, that’s fantastic! I totally agree with your feeling stiff in a suit. It’s not easy to find a good one. But when you do, it’s a game changer. Where do you usually shop for suits and office wear?

  3. Erika Ravnsborg says

    Love them! I love those orange pants.

  4. Yag Dalal says

    I look the orange pop of colour <3 and the name "power suit" makes me feel empowered already 🙂

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Hey Yag, how great is the orange?! Power suits for power women – love it 😉

  5. Susanna says

    I love these suits! My office is just on the border so I can’t wear a suit to work without looking completely out of place, and that makes me sad! I feel so much more confident in a well tailored suit.

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Hey Susanna, me too! What’s your go-to outfit for work?

  6. Alethea says

    Great tips and inspo. I’m so lacking in my personal style right now. But I definitely want to invest in a few new pieces for Fall.

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Hey Althea, which of these looks do you rate? I adore the Victoria Beckham blue suit. It’s stunning!

      1. Alethea says

        @irislillian:disqus I like all the options with cropped pants and blazers. Those are my favourite looks. No colour though. Just keep it black or grey.


        1. Iris Lillian says

          Aha, you’re a minimalist kind of gal? I think the cropped trouser is genius. Paired with a blazer, it’s ultra chic. You’ve got great taste!

  7. Sydney Smith says

    I’ve been keeping my eye on power suits. Can’t wait to find a red one! Great write up!

    1. Iris Lillian says

      Hey Sydney, a red power suit is THE dream. We recently posted an article about how to wear red to work. Here’s the link: Enjoy!

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