From buttoned up to tech bro

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We will never forgive Jobs for making skivvies acceptable on the job. But if you need to blend in with the tech bros, at least do it in style. 

Having spent the majority of my career in stiff law firms with strict dress codes, my wardrobe has its fair share of black and grey suits, black and white shirts, sheer tights and court shoes. Yawn. While they certainly served a purpose, they were easy to match, predictable and let me sink into the background, on my first day of my new job at a young tech company, “business casual” took on a whole new meaning. Some (if not most) of my new, young gun colleagues, were walking around in their pyjamas and slippers. Casual was the order of the day. 

My wardrobe needed a major reshuffle.

So, stopping short nightwear, I revamped my closet focusing on these (previously weekend-only) staples: jeans, wide-leg pants, t-shirts, and sneakers. The weekend came to work.  

Twelve months on I’ve tried and tested a few brands. Here are my top picks for an effortlessly casual, yet put-together, look for your work day.

The jeans

I learnt early on to invest in a well-cut pair of cropped jeans. Showing a little ankle sets off your new kicks nicely (see below).

A pop of colour

These high-waisted, wide-leg trousers from Madewell hide your tummy and make your butt look incredible. 

casual work clothes for women
Madewell slim wide leg pants
casual work clothes for women

Crisp and clean

A crisp, high quality t-shirt or shirt will bring the outfit together.

Sneaker fleek

Seal the deal with a pair of new sneakers. These are water-cooler-chat gold. And pro tip: tech peeps love trendy sneaker chat.

Golden Goose Superstar leather sneakers
 casual work clothes for women
Spring Court Classic leather sneakers

Join the slipperati 

But if you really want to jump on that slipper band wagon, at least do it in style. 

casual work clothes for women
Work slippers

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