Different Christmas Gifts For The Men In Your Life

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Christmas time is almost upon us and you’ve decorated the tree, planned the lunch and done all your present shopping… wait, no you haven’t. Because blokes.

Why are men so impossible to shop for? And why are you so easy to shop for? Look, we’ll never know. But what we do know is you don’t have to revert to the bottle of scotch and a business shirt again this year. A little imagination, a little planning, and your gift under the tree for the men in your life can be just right.

Here are six gifts for the man who has everything.

Low-key cool

We’re low-key obsessed with the Ultimate Ochre Rucksack from super cool Aussie label Ghost Outdoors. It

s cool ‘70s inspired design makes us never want to strap on anything neon and covered in useless straps again. It has a roll top that extends to fit more crap, sorry, stuff-you-absolutely-need, in. There are compartments for your phone, keys and water/wine bottle. There is also side zip for easy access to the laptop compartment making it perfect for the daily commute. AUS$149.

Christmas Presents for Men

Watch out

Listen here fellas, ladies like a watch. It’s cool, sophisticated. It says: “I’m a real man with places to go, things to do. I don’t have time to be fumbling around in my pocket for my phone. I need to know the time now, damn it!”

Watches are tricky, a good watch finishes an outfit, but for blokes under 40 anything too clunky and you look like an extra from The Wolf of Wall Street. We’re liking the range from new-ish label Baume, a new brand from luxury powerhouse Richemont that owns big name timepiece powerhouses including LeCoutre, Montblanc and Cartier.

You can customise the watches to suit your man’s style, and prices range from about US$590-$660.

best Christmas present for menStylish headwear

The keen cyclist in your life might ride around on an impossibly slick, custom made machine, but we’re willing to bet their headwear is nowhere as near as stylish as their bicycle. Get them zooming through the streets in safety and style with an oh-so-cool Brooks England helmet. Brooks are best known for their leather saddles, but unless you are deep into the nuts and bolts of your man’s pride and joy (and if you are you may need to ask yourself: Am I in too deep?) buying for the bike can be a risky business. We particularly like the space-age-ish look of the white Island Helmet AUS$185.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Men
Cool Christmas Gifts For Men

Drone goggles (yup)

We’re not going to beat about the bush here: men are ridiculous. Which is why they will love the DJI FPV Goggles! They are goggles you link in with your drone so you can see what your drone sees, which is handy for taking aerial photos and (we’re guessing) getting motion sickness while standing stationary? So while your drone is zooming around your neighbourhood you’re standing on the ground looking like you joined a space cult. Yes they are expensive, no you probably don’t need them, yes the tech nerd in your life will love them. They cost about AUS$549.

Gifts For Men

Soxy beast

If you know a bloke who insists all they want for Christmas is a pair of socks – and quite frankly, having seen the state of their sock drawer you believe them – a sock subscription might be just the ticket. Yes, you read that right. Sock subscription. It’s a total thing. In fact, it’s such a thing, there are a number of services to choose from. We particularly like Soxy Beast who collaborate with Australian artists for their designs and donate $1 of every pair of socks to charity. Another good one is Manrags, which sells jocks as well as socks. All their products are made from 100 per cent Egyptian Cotton. Subscriptions at Soxy Beast start from AUS$20 a month and Manrags start from AUS$14 a month.

Christmas Gifts For Men 2018

Book worm

If you have a reader in your life you can’t go too wrong with the classics. The Library of America has recently released a series of hardbacks containing the collected works of great American authors and there are plenty of blokey scribes in the cannon – Steinbeck, Cheever, Kerouac to name just a few. There is also a three-volume boxed set of the classic crime novels of Elmore Leonard which any crime aficionado would be happy to find under the tree. Prices vary, but the books can be purchased from the Library of America website if you are in the US, or bookdepository.com if you are elsewhere.

Best Christmas Gifts For Men
Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Is you partner difficult to buy gifts for? Have you found the ultimate gift? Share with us in the comments below!

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