Ethical Swimwear Is The New Black: The Brands You Need To Know

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Ethical swimwear 

If sustainable fashion is the new cool, it just got cooler because your summer bikini is going eco. And not a moment too soon: did you know that the average person throws away as much as 180 pounds of plastic in 365 days? And it takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade?
For those hailing from the northern hemisphere (and southern hemisphere dwellers escaping the cold), we’ve got your swimsuit selection sorted. Feel smug all summer while you work on your tan with these gorgeous new environmentally conscious swimwear brands.
Ocean Zen

Brightly coloured elegant swimwear brand Ocean Zen captures the magic of the ocean whilst working hard to help save it too. Its bikinis are made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean. Who would have thunk it! Ocean Zen’s CEO, Steph Gabriel, is a marine biologist and saving the seas is her #1 passion. “Research shows that 1 in 5 plastic bottles get recycled after single use and every second around 1,500 plastic bottles end up in the ocean or landfill. These numbers are rising” she says.

Liar the Label

Liar the Label makes sustainable swimwear that’s perfect for your next work break. Their cute crop tops and halter necks come in subtle shades and pretty patterns inspired by the beaches of Byron Bay in Australia. The brand re-spins recycled polyester, which is made from single use ocean plastics like bottles and fishing nets, to create reusable material. The brand plans to partner with local and global environmental organisations to help tackle environmental issues, as well as keeping their products affordable. Talk about win/win.

Ethical swimwear is the new black: you will love these beautiful brands
Ethical swimwear – Photo: Liar The Label

Hello boys! It’s not just ladies’ swimwear going eco: Riz boardshorts in the UK are at it too. With designs inspired by Saville Row, Riz uses a material made from recycled ocean plastics to create bright and colourful boardies for husbands and boyfriends who want something a little cheeky for the beach. The company is also running a cool social media initiative called #bottlestoboardshorts where you can follow the entire development process: from collecting bottles from the beach to the manufacture of the final product.

Are you purchasing more slow fashion these days? Share in the comments below your favourite brands. Then click here to chat with me and other female entrepreneurs in the Iris Lillian Squad about our favourite slow fashion brands.
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Ethical swimwear 

Cover image: Ocean Zen Bikini

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    I absolutely love that brands are working hard to be come more ethical and sustainable!
    Awesome stuff! As I’m in aus I will definitely check out Liar the Label.

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