Zara’s Autumn/Fall Must-Have Pieces

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Iris Lillian's Friday Edit showing Zara Autumn Must Have pieces and outfit recommendations

  1. Fill your closet with turtle necks. Pair with trousers, midi skirts or jeans. Do it. Be cool.

  2. Originally worn by (hello) sailors on shore leave, the classic peacoat makes a resurgence this autumn and Zara’s khaki-with-a-twist version is fail-safe. Pair with wide-leg trousers and an over-sized sweater.

  3. Bienvenue, autumn’s versatile oversized sweater: wear over this metallic midi skirt and “Shine, Shine, Shine” like Jackie Gillies of RHOMelbourne fame (you know you love it). Just don’t tell Pettifleur.

  4. TREND ALERT #1 Get your gingham on girls – tear it off the picnic table and fashion a skirt if you have to. Or, buy this ready-made one from Zara. Up to you.

  5. The Breton striped sweater: a welcome member of any self-respecting autumn capsule travel wardrobe, particularly when joined by wide leg trousers and pleated midi skirts. Obvs. (See my earlier Breton striped musings here)

  6. Black or navy wide leg, high waist, structured trousers are your autumn wardrobe’s silver-bullet: flattering, comfy and happy to hang out with pretty much any tee, blouse or sweater. My hot tip? Stock up.

  7. Whistles stocked a rip-snorter of a metallic accordion midi last year and it sold out pretty quickly. Thanks to Zara, we can buy it again this autumn at a third of the price – win!

  8. Booties aren’t just for babies. No way Jose. But your chances of making babies will increase exponentially* if you pair these with a cute midi-skirt or ankle length wide leg trousers. HOT.

  9. TREND ALERT #2 Moroccan pointed Babouche slippers – I spotted these in Marrakech 4 years ago and haggled with the poor street vendor for a serious price reduction on the assumption that they were defective. Oops.

*they probably won’t.

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All Zara: black turtle neck sweater/khaki jacket/light grey oversized sweater/check midi-skirt/striped sweater/black high waist trousers/metallic pleated skirt/black leather low ankle boots/black leather flats

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  1. Jodie says

    Love the simplicity and that you help in how to style each key piece, although I am in the southern hemisphere and heading into spring not autumn will keep note for next years trends (as we tend to be at least 12mths behind in Oz)

    1. Elissa says

      Hey Jodie, thanks! I can help you out there. Check out my feature on your summer checklist for a gorgeous beach outfit (, here is my take on the off-the-shoulder trend. Pieces are sure to be stocked in all the stores Down Under this season ( and the most flattering swimsuits for the season right here ( Enjoy!

  2. Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday says

    So many great wardrobe items! Those slippers are to die for… as is the metallic skirt.

    1. Elissa says

      Tell me about it Kate! And yes, that skirt. Divine and so easy to style. What would you wear with the skirt?

  3. April says

    Very impressed with the range of clothing you put together from Zara. Will be sure to go and check them it out soon.

    1. Elissa says

      Hey April, thanks! Zara has some great stuff this season! Let me know which outfit you go for.

  4. RJ says

    Pleated metallic accordion skirt, where have you been all my life?

    1. Elissa says

      Indeed. You’re on the money Rachel. FYI, it also comes in a wet-look navy blue which I wear to work with a crisp white Hawes & Curtis shirt.

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