I hate my job. That’s normal, right?

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As you know, I’m a recovering 30-something lawyer searching for answers: Is a 100 hour working week in a great corporate role my calling? Is it worth my health and relationships?
As part of my personal odyssey, I am taking time out to travel the world interviewing women in similar situations who have taken the plunge and made positive changes in their careers & lives. These women are pursuing their passions & kicking some major corporate & entrepreneurial butt, including Interior Designer & pioneering legend, Laura Downie.
Take it away, Laura…Do you hate your job? Laura tells us how to break free and pursue what you love - full story on irislillian.com
Living the dream, kind of

It’s mid-2014 and I’m an ambitious career-driven thirty-something finance marketing professional. The truth? I’m utterly miserable. Underneath the mask is the reality that I feel increasingly stuck in a career which neither lights me up nor inspires me to climb any kind of ladder. I feel like I’m going through the motions of life. I’m completely disillusioned by the corporate world and I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with me. The mask is starting to crack.

On the outside looking in, I’m living the dream. But, on the inside looking out – through a thick heavy confused fog – things aren’t pretty. I’m lost.

The well-trodden path is always the safest

Multiple industries and job titles in a ten year marketing career and it never felt enough. Constantly searching for the salary, the recognition, the appreciation, the job title that surely one day would make me feel fulfilled; ‘this one, I’m sure this one is it, it’ll be great, I’ll love it, just you wait and see’. Nope. That feeling I was searching for never came. Instead, a feeling I couldn’t shake;

“there must be more to life. Surely? Please!”

It’s too late to change careers…isn’t it?

But, who changes careers in their thirties? For as long as I could remember I’d wanted to run my own business, but what could I possibly do? Who was I to think I could run a business? So, I convinced myself that I was happy enough. I was good at my job, I was rewarded financially for it and I always loved the people I worked with. Surely that’s enough, right? And hey, I’m sure everyone hates their job, sometimes?

“I convinced myself that I was happy enough.”

But like it or not, I was a marketer. The path had been chosen. What else would I do? How could I possibly afford to restudy (even if I knew what it was I wanted to do?) How could I start back at the beginning and survive on a salary less than what I was on? At least I have a job…and it pays well…blah blah. Your mind might be creating different questions or ‘facts’, but it’s pretty good at arguing the case for safety, isn’t it? The fear is and was very real. But do you know what else was very real? The feeling of utter discontent, matched with a feeling that if I continued doing what I was doing it would not end well. Sunday night blues were at an all time high, as were my recurring migraines. Something had to give.

The “ah-ha” moment

Around the same time. I moved into a new apartment. My first place to call home in Sydney. I was a home bird. So create a home I did and friends were rather complimentary about the result. Enter a question, asked by several people:

“Hey, you’re pretty good at this, have you ever thought about Interior Design?

Lightbulb moment. Yes!

Do you hate your job? Laura tells us how to break free and pursue what you love - full story on irislillian.comIf I could turn back time

If I had my time again I would have chosen to study either Graphic Design or Interior Design. Art was always my favourite subject at school and as a child I was forever giving my childhood bedroom a makeover.

“I sort of allowed myself to get side-tracked by what others expected of me and what my peers were doing.”

But, at that impressionable time when you’re deciding what you’ll ‘do’ in life, I sort of allowed myself to get side tracked by what others expected of me and what my peers were doing. Law, Medicine, Economics. And so, Business Studies (and later, Marketing) was as close to creative as I would allow myself to get without feeling like I was taking the easy option and doing something ‘arty’.

“F**k it. I’m doing this”

Back to 2014 and the seed had been planted. I looked into restudying. Geez, It was really expensive. Back under the carpet that idea went. But a month or two later (after a particularly trying day at work which involved tears) I found myself googling design schools again. There was an open day the next day at Sydney Design School. A sign! I took a taxi from work on my lunch break and for the first time in a long time, when the Director of the school spoke about the school and the course, I felt like a part of me was waking up. YES! Hell yes! Where do I sign?

Six months later I graduated. I had a qualification in Interior Decoration & Design and there was no way was I going back to my corporate job. With a shit load of debt and no savings to my name, there and then, I just made a choice. I resigned. And while some people cheered me on, others questioned my sanity and why I was throwing my career away

“Um, are you sure this isn’t just a hobby?”

Deep inside, without doubt though, I knew this was the start of something which would change my life.

My new life

And change my life it has. We’re nearing the end of 2016 and I’m officially a business owner. I’m an Interior Decorator and Stylist and that sparkle in the eyes I admired in others? It’s now my reality. I love what I do. I love talking about it. It doesn’t even feel like work. My life, and the way I live it, has changed immeasurably. For one, I’m writing this from Bali where I’m spending the month because well my boss is kinda cool and she said it was ok. Seriously though, this journey unleashed this creative side that I forgot existed. I started writing. I started to feel like I knew who I was. I remembered that life is for playing.

It’s not all rainbows & unicorns

And here I must acknowledge that the challenges along the way have been immense and plentiful. But to name three biggies:-

  • Feeling like a fraud: Was I really an Interior Designer? Could I really charge people for this new found skill of mine? Of course the answer to both was yes but this was a big step to get over in those early days. When someone asked me what I did, they’d get my whole life story, as if trying to validate my choices. But with each new client it got easier. And like any job, it takes a little time to build confidence.
  • Money, Money, Money: ‘If you’re doing a job just for money there’s a good chance you’re in the wrong job’. We’ve all heard it. But we’re conditioned to believe money comes from a job. It pays the bills. And while that’s good. It’s not good enough. Money was and continues to be a major fear for me throughout this process. But honestly, I have less money than I’ve ever had. More debt than I’ve ever had, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
  • Asking for help: (and being able to accept it) people actually love to help and once I accepted that I started asking for help where help was needed. And it came in really cool forms that I couldn’t have imagined. Allow others to share with you and be open to possibilities.

I’ve been stretched more than ever before but every stretch has taught me something about myself. And I’ve always come out the other side, knowing more about Laura or business or both. 

Just do it

I want this post to give you hope. If you feel the way I felt, I want you to know that what was possible for me is entirely possibly for you. Find the courage that I know you have. I know it’s scary, I was scared. But do you know what’s scarier? Another 30 years feeling suppressed and unheard and miserable.

Do you hate your job? Laura tells us how to break free and pursue what you love - full story on irislillian.com
Life on the other side

On the other side of that fear is something truly magical. The doors which opened for me this year, the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met, every single bit of it has been worth it. I’ve never once regretted my decision. Not once.

Maybe it’s not logical, maybe it doesn’t make financial sense, maybe people will tell you that you’re crazy but screw that. Get out of your head and into your heart  and let it lead. It knows the way.

“Surrender to what you love & let it guide you”

Please do not do the world the disservice of not sharing your gift. And please don’t do yourself the disservice of not following your dreams.

And, I promise,


(*it always is)

Does Laura’s story resonate with you? Do you know a friend who has an unrealised talent? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
Do you hate your job? Laura tells us how to break free and pursue what you love - full story on irislillian.com




Read more about Laura’s journey: www.twentyfifteenlikeaboss.com

  1. Emily says

    i LOVE this.

    1. Elissa says

      Thanks Emily! I’m glad! Ever thought of quitting your day job?

  2. Melanie says

    This is a brilliant article. Thank you!

    1. Elissa says

      Hey Mel, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Do you know anyone in a similar situation or perhaps someone who has taken the plunge, like Laura?

    2. LAURA says

      Glad you enjoyed it, Melanie!

  3. Colette says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many 30 somethings out there who would like to take a leap of faith in themselves as Laura has done. What a journey. Great read IL

    1. Elissa says

      She has done well, hasn’t she Colette – such an inspiration xx

  4. Jodir says

    So needed this right now going through huge crisis when it comes to career. I have that huge money fear as well but also believe being in a job just for the money is doing it wrong

    1. Elissa says

      Wow, I’m sorry to hear that Jodir. Feel free to email me if there is anything I can help you with: hello@irislillian.com xx

    2. LAURA says

      I feel you, Jodir. The finance side of things can bring up so much fear around survival and a need to feel secure, it’s our ego’s natural response to try to keep us ‘safe’. But that safety from money is just an illusion, I promise you. Keep following your intuition and the voice that’s telling you there is something else for you. It will absolutely not let you down and the money will work itself out, it always does x

  5. Chloë says

    Thanks for this article Iris Lillian & Laura! Really loved this inspirational post!! Now just need MY a-ha moment…

    1. Elissa says

      You’re welcome Chloe! What takes up most of your spare thinking time? Travel? Art? Writing? Music? Economics? Painting? Literature? Religion? Do you remember being really taken by something as a kid? Try to rewind and re-discover what little Chloe wanted to do when she grew up xx

      1. Chloë says

        “Little” Chloë? Ha! She wanted to own a lolly shop… not so little Chloë… wanted to do something creative. Adult Chloë has just bought herself “Start something that matters” book by Blake Mycoskie TOMS founder.. which she will Unwrap at Xmas from santa… watch this space! 🙂

        1. Elissa says

          What about a creative lolly shop, Chloe? 😉 Or something creative + foodie oriented. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with after you read “Start something that matters”. Keep me updated! And, good on you for taking the first step xx

    2. LAURA says

      You’re so welcome, Chloe! Glad you enjoyed it. It comes when you least expect it so no need to go searching for it. Just live & spend time doing the things you most love and creativity and inspiration will show up, just you watch!

  6. April says

    Laura’s story is very interesting and I’m sure there are many people that change their minds mid stream and change to something that is much more appealing than working a hundred hours a week for a forty hour salary. You only live once so why not enjoy what you do if it makes you happy.

    1. Elissa says

      Well said April! YOLO, indeed. What field are you in? xx

  7. Alex says

    I really enjoyed this story. Laura’s story is so brave. Thanks IL

    1. Elissa says

      You’re very welcome Alex, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Laura is SO brave – such an inspiration. Do you have a friend you would encourage to make a career change?

  8. Anna says

    Great story Laura, your story is comforting because I’m joining you on this path to self employment and leaving the very same bank you used to work for. I’ve not had the bravery to quite my job and start from study/scratch I’ve been quietly building two businesses at home in my spare time but now… I’m about to put a lot more hours into them and It’s VERY exciting! Glad I read this x

    1. Elissa says

      Good on you Anna! That’s fantastic news. You will know when you’re ready to quit but it sounds like you’re not yet and that’s OK. Trust your instincts. Thanks for sharing and let us know how you get on xx

    2. LAURA says

      Anna, that’s awesome! Well done you. It’s a great way to do it, to support yourself with your corporate role while working to create the lifestyle you would love. That takes bravery too you know, so make sure you acknowledge all the little milestones along the way, one step at a time. Best of luck! x

  9. Mel says

    Wonderful story, really resonated! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Elissa says

      You’re welcome Mel! Are you thinking of making a career shift? Xx

  10. Jen says

    Wow, loved reading this blog post from you Laura. I am a 30 something that definitely doesn’t enjoy my work… I’m trying to get my side hustle happening but I struggle with motivation and self doubt on a daily basis. I know you mentioned that you also struggled with issues like this, were there any tools that helped you through these negative feelings? I would love to hear your advice!

    1. Elissa says

      Hey Jen, if it helps, you’re certainly not alone. I struggle with self doubt constantly. At these times I either ignore it and push through and eventually I get over it or have a winge to Mr D and he reminds me how far I’ve come. But most of the time, I take a break from the grind, the lists, the internet and head outside for a jog, coffee, or I call my family in Australia. I usually get a little perspective that way and realise what’s important. Remember you’re amazing, brave, unique and you have so much to offer the world so keep up the wonderful work!! Xx

    2. LAURA says

      Oh Jen, I know exactly how you feel. Procrastination used to be my middle name! And as for self doubt, if it was an olympic sport, I’d scoop gold! You may like to read one of my other blog posts around getting out of our own way. I’ll post the link at the bottom of this comment but something which was a huge help to me was realising that my self doubt was all self created. It was simply stories that I was making up to stop myself from pushing forward. I was the only one in my own way. So I started to observe these thoughts and with compassion, choose another more loving thoughts and the feeling inside me that was like ‘yes, you can do this!” Also remember, the things that scare us are usually showing us where we need to go. There is something there to learn, it’s part of your path. It may not always feel like it, but in some way it is serving you! I realised that to go solo and set up the business of my dreams I had to sort of become my own best friend, I had to make the choice to believe in myself. I hope that helps but feel free to reach out on email, I’ve lost more I could say on self doubt! Such has been the learnings for me on that alone. But honestly Jen, let Jen champion Jen and see how it goes. x https://twentyfifteenlikeaboss.com/2015/11/15/get-out-of-your-own-f-way/

  11. ENRICO says

    A well presented article, I would go as far as to describe it as a literary gem! As an ex. manager who had some 100 staff of both genders I certainly agree with your suggestions only hope I gave my female staff a fair hearing!! Well done Elissa

    1. Laura says

      Hey Enrico! Glad you enjoyed the read & I’m sure all your staff felt supported and listened too! Laura

    2. Elissa says

      Hi Enrico, I agree 100% – Laura’s words are authentic, true and inspiring. I’m sure you gave all of your staff a fair hearing 😉

  12. Bonnie says

    Fab article Liss and great advice Laura, i especially felt connected to your concerns around money. I’ve long felt very trapped and confused about career, not because I was afraid to reinvent myself so much as I thought I’d drive my partner and I broke in the process. I’ve ended up in a career that is both not really my passion, nor does it pay well. I feel like, unless I had the money of a doctor or a banker or whatever, that i do not have the adequate financial security blanket to change careers or pursue a business venture. Risk-taking feels like such an affluent persons game, so to have someone say they feared costs and experienced debt and did it anyway is very refreshing.

    1. LAURA says

      I did. And you can too, Bonnie! Although you’re currently in a career that’s not your passion, it doesn’t need to always be that way. Good advice someone once gave me was to imagine the worse case senario of my action. And, if I could be ok with that, then really what was stopping me? For me, it was being unable to pay rent / support myself and have to give up my beautiful Sydney apartment and crash on a mates sofa. And truly, I was ok with that, because I knew I needed to follow the feeling that kept saying ‘there is something else for you’. The risks always seem to pay off in ways that are so much more rewarding than a salary. Good luck!

      1. Bonnie says

        Thanks Laura 🙂 great advice. Now i think about it, I have already crashed on couches and hostels to pursue a career, and I survived. Funny that we forget what we’re made of, and how much support our friends and family can provide. A nice refresher!

  13. Miranda says

    A great read, actually it’s one of the things I’m grateful for with our unexpected pregnancy this year (amongst others!), I’m on a forced career break and am trying to make the most of this time to pursue something that I really want to do. So that’s another way to “pluck up the courage” for a break 😉

    1. LAURA says

      Hi Miranda. Firstly congrats! Secondly, I totally agree! Sometimes it’s only when we stop doing what we were doing day-in day-out that we have the space and time to reflect and realise “hang on, this job doesn’t even make me happy…” Enjoy the time, it’s all always happening in perfect time (even when we can’t see it) and, you know, life often has unexpected ways of leading us to our purpose, but trust me, if you’re open to it, your passion will find you. It can’t not.

    2. Elissa says

      Congratulations Miranda! That’s wonderful news. And, what an opportunity! It sounds like you are definitely running with it. What is it that you are thinking of pursuing? I’d love to hear all the exciting details xx

  14. Hannah says

    Amazing – well done!! The latter success is the icing but having the balls (for lack of a better term?!!) to take that leap is awesome! I hope I stumble across my “meant to be” career sometime soon.

    1. LAURA says

      Thanks Hannah! It will find you, of that I’m sure. What do you really love doing? Or what did you love doing as a child, that perhaps in your adult life you’ve forgotten about. It’s ok if you don’t feel that the answer is there. It isn’t always. Sometimes though just having the realisation that you want to do something else, is enough for the clues to start coming your way. Even in the most unexpected way. Best of luck!

    2. Elissa says

      Hey Hannah, thanks! Congrats, you’ve already made the first step: acknowledging there is a “leap” to be taken. You’re certainly on the right track. A great way to figure out what makes you tick is to note down, for a week or so, those things you spend most time thinking about, being distracted by and enjoying. What do you enjoy most when you are on holiday? Doing this should get your mind ticking away, even if the answer doesn’t materialise straight away. It’s a great start xx

  15. Elise says

    It was so good to read your story Laura. And beautiful that it comes to us from someone else on the same journey, Elissa. I just love this theme of women (and men) finding themselves. Isn’t it awesome that we are in an age where it’s really possible to find what you love and follow it?! Its so scary but so worth it! Now I’m inspired to find a way to tell my own story. Thanks for that gift ❤️

    1. LAURA says

      Beautifully said, Elise! I totally agree. I’ve been so inspired by others journeys into the unknown and have loved watching them flourish and come alive. There’s a lot to be said for this ‘do what you love’ lark 😉 – And, yes, please do share your story, the world needs it too.

    2. Elissa says

      You’re very welcome Elise. I’m so glad you were inspired! I totally agree – we are so lucky to be able to take time to consider what really makes us tick and then to pursue it. I’d love to hear your story! Feel free to email me at hello@irislillian.com with the details. xx

  16. Teva says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I too have just left a corporate job so start something new with my sister. I’ve had a JOB for 22 years and with two kids, a mortgage and all the standard baggage that comes with that, taking the risk of your own business definitely weighs on me every day. But this sentence sums it up beautifully ‘But do you know what’s scarier? Another 30 years feeling suppressed and unheard and miserable.’. When I went back to my job after my first child, management changes meant I was that unheard, undervalued, and demotivated team member. It squashed all the confidence, creativity and energy I had. So, here’s to new adventures and all of us brave ones trying something different.

    1. LAURA says

      Hey Teva. I Love this. You’re right, sometimes we get so lost in the ‘what if…” fears that we forget why we made the brave move in the first place. We did it because we were unhappy, and we want to be happy and well nothing should get in the way of our happiness, right? Congratulations on your bravery and I wish you and your sister all the success and happiness in the world 🙂

    2. Elissa says

      Congratulations Teva for taking the plunge! Yes, cheers to bravery, insight and happiness. I’d love to hear more about your business. I run a Facebook page called International Female Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen – If you would you like to join, let me know and I shall send you an invitation. xx

  17. Katie says

    I just wanted to say thankyou for this post. You have given me hope that one day I can ditch that corporate safety net and follow my passion xx

    1. Elissa says

      You’re welcome Katie! With a strong focus, careful planning and bit of luck, it’s definitely possible. What’s your passion?? I’d love to hear all about it. xx

    2. LAURA says

      You absolutely can, Katie! And when the time is right, you’ll know. Go forth and follow that passion, it knows the way 🙂

  18. Catherine Bell says

    Thanks for the great story. I feel it really replicates my journey. I similarly too the corporate path, working in projects and marketing across global IT, HR, and professional service firms. I finally made the break this year after having an aha moment and believing that I could follow in the footsteps of other brave entrepreneurs to create something new that I was passionate about. For me, it was beautiful luggage – something different, not black, and not masculine like. So, wwwcarryonwatson.com was born where I’ll be working and collaborating with artists to bring travel luggage and accessories to life. I’ve had an exciting career, however I’ve never been so excited and invigorated by the process of creating and building a digital business that I can serve up globally. It’s an incredible time to be in business. The possibilities are endless. Best catherine, founder, Carry On Watson

    1. Elissa says

      Wow! Congratulations! I can’t wait to scour the site when it goes live. I’m so sick of carrying boring luggage around. This is a really exciting project.

      I run a Facebook page called International Female Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen – If you would you like to join, let me know and I shall send you an invitation.

      Let me know when Carry On Watson has launched xx

      1. Catherine says

        Hi Elissa – I’ve just stumbled back onto your site and got your reply. Yes – would love to be invited to your FB group! Please do send across to our contact us email on our newly LAUNCHED site – http://www.carrryonwatson.com (just didn’t want to list personal email here;-)
        Look forward to connecting there. Best Catherine

    2. LAURA says

      Glad you enjoyed reading it Catherine! And I second Elissa’s comments, what a great idea! I’ve just returned from a trip and waiting for my standard blag suitcase on the luggage carousel was a mission – they all look the same!!
      I totally agree with you too, the possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little bit of courage and a big dose of self believe. Good luck!

  19. Kris says

    Reading this article I thought wow this is me!!! I’m also a 30 something marketing manager for a corporate organisation and stuck in the daily grind. I’ve been working on a small business in the background which is my creative outlet and I can’t wait to make my dream a reality one day. It’s nice to hear such positive stories..sharing will help to inspire others ?
    Thank you

    1. Elissa says

      Hi Kris, good on you for working on your project in the background! Keep it up! I’d love to hear all about it. Have you thought about drafting up a rough plan plotting the steps you will take to make your dream a reality? xx

    2. LAURA says

      Hey Kris! You’re not the first person to tell me that when I share my story. There seems to be a lot of us thirty something marketers searching for answers…in the form of more creative outlets! And I love hearing that you’re one of them because it means you’re on the path to so much wonderful stuff unfolding as you continue to trust that creative side. I’m excited for you. Good luck and if you need any help, just yell! x

  20. Nicole says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I also left a corporate marketing job earlier this year, just knowing that I needed to find something I actually wanted to get out of bed for every day. I’ve come much closer to finding that after a few months of searching. But, I’m starting to find working on my own really hard – I miss having a team and people working together – and I wonder how you deal with that aspect of running your own business?

    1. Elissa says

      Congratulations Nicole! You are amazing. I find working by myself REALLY hard. I can get pretty low and de-motivated some days. I was just saying to Mr D last night how I miss working as part of a team, having people to bounce ideas off, and just laughing with someone else. Most days I set myself up in a local cafe so that I’m, at least, surrounded by other people. I’m also considering working one day a week in a co-working space. I get a lot of online interaction from entrepreneur-focused Facebook groups. Perhaps you could seek out someone in your city in a situation similar to yours and share an office or kitchen table with them a few days a week. Business Chicks Australia (http://www.businesschicks.com.au) is a great place to find and connect with other female entrepreneurs. If we were living in the same city, I’d suggest we band together! Let me know how you get on xx

    2. LAURA says

      Hey Nicole. I can definitely relate to that and early on it was something I thought about A LOT. Being lonely. Missing the office banter and coffee breaks with colleagues. Could I really go solo?! Etc. I’d even go as far as to say that I used it as a form of procrastination from getting things done “Oh, but if only I had someone to help me with this…” (enter fear based stories again!) But as I built business networks, supplier relationships, and of course worked with clients, I built rapport with people and while the ‘team’ was different to how I’d know it in my corporate world, we were still working together to create joint outcomes and projects and I when I allowed myself to be open to new relationships forming in the business they did. I even got a job to design a co-working space that came with a free desk space! And a number of my interior clients have become friends. Networking was and is still something which challenges me but every so often I will try and do something that takes me out of my comfort zone just a little and go to an event because you never know who may be sitting next to you. A future business partner or maybe just a new mate to grab coffee with and share stories. The important thing is not to let fear of loneliness stop you from pushing forward. Jjust like being the newbie in the office, it takes time to build relationships, but you always have before, right? So you will. Give it time.x

  21. Patti Borrelli @besostyle says

    I loved this.? I too started in marketing…which led to more & more creative pursuits, including photo styling + interior design. I am currently working a job + freelancing + forever trying to figure out how to get more balance + do more of what I love. Thanks for the inspiration to “Surrender to what you love & let it guide you” … now, to figure out exactly what that looks like…

    1. Elissa says

      Hi Patti, I’m so glad you loved the piece – Laura is really something isn’t she. Wow, you certainly have a heavy load. Good on you for maintaining your creative pursuits and working at the same time! That must be tough, but also very rewarding.

      Have you sat down to plot out how you can make your photo styling and interior design business your full time job? What does it look like and how much do you need to be earning before you can quit your 9-5? I’d be happy to assist xx

    2. LAURA says

      Hi Patti! Thanks for your lovely message. Sometimes it’s actually the ‘figuring out’ part of us that is blocking the opportunities and flow. I know, because that used to be me. And occasionally still is…The logic part tries to take over and say “Ok, how can I make this work? what if I do this? maybe that will make enough money for X?” I noticed early this year my business / safe head was trying to control my creative side. It didn’t work. I started to feel yucky about my business. I was trying to control the output (finances) rather than to focus on the being. Truly, my advice? if you can can choose to make the decisions not based on logic but on what you love doing, I think you might be surprised by how things naturally start to shift and find balance in a way that continues to support you. Surrender, you don’t need a plan. I hope that helps x

  22. Jen says

    If the universe could not leave me another sign, your article is it! I am on the verge of 30, in a job that pays well, that I am miserable in. Writing is my first love! I have finally found the courage to follow my dream. It is scary, though all things worth doing in this life generally are. Thank you for the reminder that I am on the path I need to be on! Congratulations on finding your truth in this life:-)

    1. Laura says

      Amazing, Jen! Chase that dream, the world needs your writing and I’m so pleased to hear this article was a timely reminder that you’re on the right path. Keep going! x

    2. Elissa says

      Hi Jen, you are so lucky to have the gift of knowing what your true calling is. Write, write, write to your heart’s content and then write some more. What project are you working on at the moment? I would love to hear more about it. xx

  23. Danielle says

    This is very inspirational at such a turning point in my life. I started inching into my passion, but was still holding on to other part time positions that were more time than they were worth and made me unhappy. I finally decided to take the plunge and am in the same boat. More overwhelmed, but happier than ever to be working as hard for myself as I worked for others. It’s all worth it!

    1. Elissa says

      Hi Danielle, congratulations! That is wonderful news. I am so glad that it has all been worth it and that you are happier than ever. What area are you working in? I would love to hear all about it. What do you think your major hurdles were to making the decision to “jump” and how did you get over them? xx

    2. Laura Downie says

      Awesome Danielle! Congratulations! I wish you and your business all the very best for a successful, happy & creative 2017 x

  24. Anna Howarth says

    Definitely resonates with me!
    LOVED READING THIS and really excited to share my story.
    Go Laura!

    1. Laura Downie says

      Thanks for reading it, Anna! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too!

    2. Elissa says

      Hey Anna, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it inspired you to share you own story with us!

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