7 Great Things About Partying Sober

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Maybe it’s medically necessary, or maybe you just feel like you need a break from the bottle. Whatever the reason, staying sober does not mean you have to spend your life doing 6am yoga and drinking green smoothies.

As a long-term teetotaller I have had plenty of nights out with water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Here are seven reasons why heading out for a night sans alcohol is not such a bad thing.

1. There are bad things besides booze

Energy drinks and coffee are your friend. Forget what the health magazines say, a Red Bull on the dance floor or three espressos at 11pm is not going to kill you. Tequila isn’t exactly a spirulina and ginger shot, is it? So be bad, just be a different kind of bad.

2. You will feel like a super hero the next day

Imagine this: Inbox on zero, a spin class, lasagna baked for dinner, plus Tuesday’s work report all done before noon on Saturday – you’re on fire!

3. You will look great in all the photos

Charlotte is passed out in the corner with panda eyes, Lauren has applied lipstick somewhere near her left ear. You still look banging in those 3am taxi selfies.

4. You remember everything

There is something very satisfying about knowing what actually happened on your big night out.

5. You are a great friend

Whether it’s being the designated driver or telling your friend her boob has popped out of her top, you are the rock of the group. They may be too drunk to say thank you, but deep down, they appreciate it.

6. You can still dance

Yes, getting up on the dance floor stone cold sober can be a little daunting. But be comforted that because everyone else is drunk, they don’t really care what you are doing and your moves will probably be the best of a bad bunch.

7. You save money

Imagine if you put $50 away every night you go out. Being a teetotaller can save a lot of dosh. Before you know it, your ‘night-out-savings-pot’ will have enough cash for a holiday to the Bahamas.  Or Hong Kong. Hong Kong would be cool.

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