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What Is Iris Lillian?

Iris Lillian is a website and community for busy working women – just like you! Our goal is to ensure that each of us is the happy, confident, healthy and successful person we are destined to be.

“Back in 2010-2012, no one was talking about how f**ked up the corporate world was for women. We’re brought up to believe that ‘girls can do anything’ but as soon as you leave school you quickly realise that just isn’t true – there are still too many barriers in place preventing women from thriving. I founded Iris Lillian as a way to kick-start these important conversations and to encourage others to share their own experiences; to delve into the issues and inspire change.” – Elissa James, founder of Iris Lillian

Who We Are

Elissa James is a senior corporate lawyer and the founder of IrisLillian.com. Having worked in the law for over a decade across jurisdictions in Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Gabon and Papua New Guinea she now also facilitates through IrisLillian.com a refreshing, intelligent and light-hearted dialogue around modern working life.

Iris Lillian was named after Elissa’s grandmother, an elegant, impressive woman with kickass style and a no-fuss attitude.

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Meet Team Iris Lillian

Our legendary team of writers are based all around the globe, working across a diverse range of industries from tech, law and marketing to health, finance and journalism.

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