Gym Bags That Work Well At The Office

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The six best luxury gym bags bridging the awkward chasm between the gym and the office.

Most Mondays saw me sprinting from the gym straight into an 8am strategy meeting (red) faced with the impossible decision of:

a) going directly to the boardroom with my old gym bag in tow and risking the gradual asphyxiation of my colleagues by virtue of steamy-wet-sock odour.


b) ditching the bag at my desk, arriving late and looking unprofessional.

Are you guilty of either of these career limiting moves?

Get your gym-bag game up and watch you career flourish Iris Lillian show you all the best work gym bags on

Although I can’t guarantee one of these totes will increase your chances of a promotion/pay rise, but having an office apropos gym bag at that meeting will mean the focus remains squarely on you and the very clever presentation you spent weeks preparing. Hello, KPIs!

Gym Bag Edit photo courtesy of Henri Bendel
Henri Bendel convertible backpack
  1. Where have you been my entire working life MZ WALLACE?! I’ll take two of these Chanel-esque quilted patent-shell totes, thanks. This bag is practical, chic, & lightweight. And, with so many pockets your change-room-faff time will be sliced in half. Efficiency, win!
  2. I spent weeks hunting for the perfect little Hong Kong apartment for me and Mr D. Happily, my efforts were fruitful on the accommodation-front, as well as sartorially: my estate agent carried this lithe Henri Bendel convertible back-pack/handbag in and out of taxis for hours, all over the city. Verdict: this one’s a game-changer and my #1 pick.
  3. All hail the backpack of the hour. Anello has hit a sweet spot with its uber cool Japanese design and large yet compact compartment. Every second person in Singapore, China and Hong Kong has one. I have two…
  4. Longchamp’s trusty & elegant Le Pliage tote rates highly on the style-omiter, these colourful totes are also pretty sturdy. But, with the lack of pockets you run the risk of cross-contamination between your undies and the Quinoa Salad you packed for lunch.

    This Anello backpack has taken the world by storm with its unique look, large capacity & compact design. Credit: Anello
  5. Move over Alexander Wang, this yoga bag in black neoprene with Italian lambskin details and black nylon lining is the shizzle. You might not have those toned yogi arms (yet), but you’ll be nailing it in the bag department.
  6. Unexpected showers? No problem. This front-runner is water resistant inside and out so your bra won’t get soggy. Speaking of bras, this carryall was specifically designed to minimise the risk of “pulling out your sports bra in meetings“. It seems this contender has The Friday Edit all wrapped up. If you’re partial to a Polyurethane oak croc print, look no further.
How is your gym-bag game? Have you ever had an awkward experience like me? Yup? Share it with us in the comments below!
Get your gym-bag game up and watch you career flourish Iris Lillian show you all the best work gym bags on
I use my Anello backpack EVERY. DAY. Credit: Anello

Photos courtesy of: 1 MZ Wallace/2 Henri Bendel/3 Anello /4 Longchamp/5 The Transience/6 Gymtote

Cover photo credit: Gymtote

  1. Susie says

    I need a bag to fit gym shoes jacket,tights, top, boxing gloves and spotter pads – which one would you recommend?

    1. Elissa says

      Jeepers! Spotter pads too?! You might need two bags 😉 Although, the Anello backpack is a Mary Poppins-type bag so my recommendation would be to go for one of those. Let me know how you get on Susie.

  2. RJ says

    Should totally add Hong Kong’s home grown Mischa totes to the mix here. Great bag to throw lots of your schtuff into… although not always pong-proof!

    1. Elissa says

      Yes, Rachel! Of course, how could I have missed Mischa! The home of the perfect tote.

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