Workout Videos for People Who Don’t Have Time for Workout Videos

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Workout classes can be great – when you manage to get to one.  

Because yes, you may walk out of a class feeling great, but often the difficulty is walking in. They are expensive for starters. And they come with a fixed schedule that never seems to meet up with your schedule. And hey, sometimes you just don’t want to put on makeup to go to a boutique fitness studio. 

No wonder according to one study, most fitness classes are only 30 per cent full. 

And so, we turn to… the internet! 

Don’t worry, I get it. I too, was a YouTube workout skeptic. I never imagined committing to a video series. Who can get motivated by virtual coaches? But when I found myself juggling university study and work, my schedule simply got too crammed to get myself to a studio. I found myself turning to online workouts. Now, five pounds lighter and with money redirected from the gym into a travel fund, I am a convert. Here are my top picks for getting your fit on in front of your computer.

Yoga with Adrienne

This girl doesn’t have four million YouTube subscribers for nothing. It is impossible to get bored with Adrienne as your teacher.  She is spunky and not afraid to have a chat between poses. Plus, her dog Benji joins in! 

Adrienne has been on YouTube for more than six years so her library is chock full of practices. Her playlist of 20-25 minute videos is perfect to sneak in a workout first thing in the morning or before dinner. You could also try her immensely popular Yoga for Weight Loss series or jump into the 30 days of Yoga challenge.

And as an added bonus, Adrienne posts vegetarian recipes on her blog too.

When my schedule got too crammed to get myself to a studio, I found myself turning to online workouts.

no time to workout
no time to workout

The Fitness Blender

If you like a challenge. The Fitness Blender is for you. This cute (and intense) husband and wife team started their channel in order to make reliable workouts available to everyone, regardless of income. They are professional instructors and give full explanations for each move and steer clear of industry fads. The videos have excellent graphics that let you know the length of time you have worked out, calories burned and the workout agenda. Fitness Blender videos will make you feel like you have your own personal trainer.

The Fitness Blender has a great website where you can specify exactly what kind of workout you are looking for by selecting the length of workout you want, target body area and difficulty level. They offer full length workouts, but the shorter ones will also make you sweat. I did their 16 minute Abs, Butt and Thigh HIT Cardio Workout recently and could barely walk the next morning – in a good way.

Action Jacquelyn

Finally, barre class videos that don’t require you to have a ballet bar installed in your house! Jacquelyn is a former ballerina and Lakers girl who focuses on ballet and stretching in her workouts to increase flexibility. She makes the poses look easy but gives plenty of tips on how to copy her form. In true California style, some of her videos are filmed on the beach.

I use her barre series to help me stretch and recover from other HIT workouts, but they are conditioning all on their own. Her videos range from four minutes to half an hour in length, perfect for those days when cramming a workout in seems impossible. She also has a paid program, Get Stretchy at Work, targeted at ladies who spend most of the workday sitting at a computer.

Nike Run Club App

Okay, this isn’t a YouTube series, but it is so good it needs to be included anyway. Running can seem intimidating. Have you seen all those ads of women running up mountains barely breaking a sweat? That may not be you. It certainly isn’t me. But this app changed my perspective on running. 

It is ridiculously easy to use. All you need are headphones and the open road.  Start by choosing a guided run, and when you press play, your coach will talk to you between a playlist of songs from your Spotify or Apple Music account. The coach isn’t just telling you to run faster or slower, he is encouraging you by giving you tips on form, telling you stories, and cheering you on. The app keeps track of how many runs you have completed and gives you advice on new runs to try. 

Going for a run doesn’t have to be a massive commitment; the app has over 20 guided runs under 30 minutes and some are treadmill friendly. My favourite is the ‘I don’t want to run run,’ part of the Ready, Set, Go playlist.


This channel gives me flashbacks to the golden days of the ‘80s workout videos.  With guest celebrity trainers, upbeat music and hyper-colourful leggings, I dare you to not fall in love with these videos. Their Instagram is hysterically real about the struggle of staying fit. They embrace body positivity and recognise beauty in all shapes and sizes.  Also, check out their website where you can find articles on recipes, celebrity fitness regimens and athletic fashion.

They have playlists for everything from Victoria’s Secret workouts to pregnancy safe fitness, with recipes thrown in too! The coaches are also good about giving advanced and beginner options – you do you. 

Some of their videos require basic hand weights (I use two full water bottles). These kick-butt 20 minute videos are worth checking out.

Have you found a way to squeeze in a workout into your busy schedule? Share all the details below (please)!

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