How A Sack Dress Toggles Between Work And Play Perfectly

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If there were ever an outfit to trump (sorry) all outfits, I’d wager this oversized, grey turtle neck dress comes pretty dang close. Whether you’re working from home, chillin’ on the weekend or glamour-ising at a highfalutin event, it’s your 2017 closet chameleon. Cleverly concealing a multitude of sins, its oversized silhouette is smack bang on trend. It’s also functional and oh so comfy: a reincarnation of the designer Ugg Boot, if you will.
Never has wearing a sack been more appealing or more socially acceptable. I plan to take full advantage for As. Long. As. Possible.

Last week I put the dress to the test, wearing it for five days straight. Here’s how it fared…fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

fashion tips how to wear the oversized trend

You’re so fancy

First, an event with a famous shoe designer at a fancy hotel. The dress rose to the occasion with heels, gold hoops earrings and a dark clutch.

Couch potato

The next day, immediately stepping into the fray to replace my PJs, it took on the morning couch mooch (sans bra) like a trooper. Proving that PJs don’t have a monopoly on comfortable, cosy kit.

Dinner with frands

The next day me, said garment and our white Adidas Classics headed out for a casual dinner with friends. Tucking a small fold of fabric into my undies (classy) created a grecian-esque, pleated look: game, set, (Paris) match.


At the theatre on Saturday night, I felt an unfamiliar surge of comradery when a lady, wearing the exact same dress, and I exchanged knowing looks across the foyer. We were 100% vibing. She cinched it in with a belt and carried a mustard leather shopper. Tres chic.

Life admin day (yawn)

On Sunday, paired with a sports bra, it swanned around the kitchen with me in all its oversized glory as I washed the dishes.

The results are in

The dress and I had a really great time this week but, sadly, it has now started to pill. Exposed for what it really is: a mere a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder, and a sanguine reminder to shop high quality and sustainable.  Show me the same style by a sustainable brand, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Are (were) you digging the oversized fashion trend or…not?
  1. Torey says

    I love how versatile this is. I’d definitely wear it as a busy mama!

    1. Elissa says

      Hey Torey, totally! If I was a busy mama I’d buy it in grey, navy AND black. It’s the silver bullet of functional, cool, cosy-wear. A total gem! Do you like the oversized trend?

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