Step Aside Kale, There’s A New Superfood In Town

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Are you feeling sluggish, bloated and tired? You might have an unhappy gut! Cue, Quo the kefir believers 

I wrote about my health quest (of sorts) here. I’m a sugar addict so it is appropriately labeled “Hands Off the Haribo” …I love those juicy, delightful little squishy bears of Haribo happiness. To my horror, a Naturopath at The Golden Door health retreat recently explained that one side effect of over indulging on sweet treats is an unhealthy gut. *gasp* It turns out my tummy is in (liquorice) allsorts of trouble.

Never fear! During my hunt for gut-fixing products I came across QUO – a fledgling Hong Kong based company run by super sister combo Vanessa and Karen. These impressive ladies have developed two handmade and locally sourced kefir products which they say combat innumerable ailments, including an unhealthy gut.

Vanessa and Karen’s theory is that:

“…having a clean gut prevents a lot of disease and helps the body to absorb nutrients. Kefir is a live probiotic culture similar to yogurt, but while regular yogurt usually contains two strains of bacteria, kefir contains more than five strains of healthy bacteria in addition to the beneficial strains of yeast. All these can work together to maintain a healthy gut.

Karen explained that her son’s allergies and her own stomach problems have improved since they started enjoying QUO’s kefir products. Karen also said that she is now sleeping well, her posture is better and her energy levels have improved.

Quo new superfood kefir Hong Kong healthy food healthy gut China

QUO generously provided me with samples of each of the products to try.

1. QUOlixir –  is fresh coconut water, filtered water and probiotic kefir culture.

Rather than being smooth like coconut water, it has an unexpected  tangy taste. Its natural fizziness makes it refreshing in the sticky, summer heat. Conveniently, you can add it to just about anything – smoothies, juice, cocktails, porridge, frozen fruits and berries. It’s so versatile that it’s being served up at some of Hong Kong’s top events, including The Woods as part of its Prix Fixe experience menu.

2. QUOgurt – is crushed young coconuts laboriously harvested each week, filtered water and probiotic kefir culture.

It has a lovely light texture and tastes great with summer berries or QUOnola (see below). Vanessa’s Mum uses QUOgurt in her salad dressing and Karen uses it to make icing for cupcakes and ice pops for her son.

Both the QUOlixir and QUOgurt can be purchased as part of a 4 week gut cleansing program. Both products were easy to integrate into my daily diet.
Quo 14

QUO also offers its own handmade, small-batch gluten free granola, with a low sugar option for people like me. Although, QUOnola doesn’t contain kefir, I can see why this stuff sells out fast – I almost ate a whole bag in one sitting! For coffee lovers – there is talk of a new seasonal batch with roasted coffee beans and cashews. Good morning, indeed.

All products are freshly made to order each week so there are no nasty additives.

You can order direct from the QUO website – – or purchase from Green Common 222 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong.


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