Three Designers That Won’t Turn You Into A Meringue On Your Wedding Day

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Eight boutiques, four London cab fares and five martinis later, I still hadn’t found a wedding gown which even remotely tickled my fancy, even a teeny bit. I had tried on some exquisite dresses but felt awkward and a little bit silly in all of them.

French wedding gown designer Delphine Manivet Anatole Dress Paris wedding dress beautiful unique
Anatole gown by Delphine Manivet

I came to the conclusion that I was just not the wedding-dress type – the obligatory white uniform was a pretty archaic concept anyway, right?

BUT, on my way to the office the following Monday, I caught sight of a beautiful dress designed by Delphine Manivet. It was simple, relaxed (for a wedding gown) and elegant. I had to see more of these creations! And what a great excuse to visit Paris for the weekend.

Delphine Manivet wedding gown dress designer France Paris beautiful elegant modern
Anatole gown and Calais lace top by Delphine Manivet

BFFs and baguettes (buy here!) in tow, I visited the Delphine Manivet boutique on Faubourg Saint Honore in the French capital and fell in love with every. single. dress. Each was at once feminine, easy-to-wear and beautifully undone: Delphine Manivet hallmarks.

Delphine’s designs have a certain je ne sais quoi that I had found in only a few others, including my other two recommended wedding designers – Amanda Wakeley and David Fielden. These brands cater for modern women who don’t necessarily subscribe to the traditional wedding gown aesthetic and who want to enjoy their wedding day without negotiating mounds of tulle or boning digging into their ribs. Thank gawd. Otherwise, I would have been in a real pickle.

After days of agonising over the different styles, I chose the Anatole dress in silk crepe & a delicate Calais lace top.

Delphine Manivet wedding gown dress designer France Paris beautiful elegant modern
Calais lace top by Dephine Manivet

As a happy corollary, the two obligatory fittings at Delphine Manivet’s atelier were a great excuse to visit Paris more often, for weekends with my girlfriends and, once, with Mum. Happily, some of these visits coincided with Les Soldes – the legislated bi-annual French sales. Win!

Delphine Manivet wedding gown dress designer France Paris beautiful elegant modern
Anatole gown by Delphine Manivet, wedding suit by Cad & The Dandy

Tip: the summer Les Soldes start 22 June 2016 so book your Eurostar and apartment in the Marais soon! If you need any guidance re where to stay, where to shop and what to do, shoot me an email:

Have you struggled to find a wedding gown that felt right for you? Which wedding gown designers do you like?

Delphine Manivet French Paris wedding gown designer pretty dress unique beautiful modern
Anatole gown by Delphine Manivet

All photos by the gorgeous Stacey Connolly.

  1. AJ says

    Stunning dress and photography and of course models! It’s lovely to have a memorable story behind a wedding gown.

  2. Emily says

    So beautiful!!

  3. Elissa says

    Thanks Emily and AJ! What are your favourite wedding dress styles/brands?

  4. Brianna Nash says

    That is a beautiful dress! Wowzers. My wedding was super quick, so I settled for a dress that I didn’t love. I’m ok with it though because I’m not really a dress girl lol. I am, however, super jealous of your ability to hop on over to Paris for a weekend!

    1. Elissa says

      Thanks Brianna, I’m a sucker for a nice frock ? But I did think it a little strange that women these days still only really have white wedding gown options! It was such a pleasure to discover a dress that I didn’t lose my sense of self. It meant I was 100% comfortable and confident on the day and was able to focus on all the joyful moments. Popping to Paris for the weekend is a treat I shall never take for granted ?

  5. Kenya Denise says

    The dress is beautiful and you chose the right one!! I am a fan of the timeless/elegant look and you nailed it 😉

    1. Elissa says

      Thanks Kenya, you’re too kind! What are your thoughts on white wedding dresses? A little archaic or do they still have a legitimate place in this day and age?

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