10 Feel Good TV Shows For Your Next Mental Health Day

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A friend works in an office which offers employees “doona days”. You know those days where you might not actually be sick, but staying in bed and binging on 12 straight hours of television will do your soul wonders? Those are doona days. Their Human Resources department deserves a medal. 

And look, while gritty crime dramas will always have a place in our hearts and our Netflix queue, sometimes you just want to watch something that will make you laugh-out-loud and lift the weight of the world off your shoulders for a while. So irislillian.com presents to you 10 feel good shows for when you just really need a doona day.

Jane the Virgin

Romantic comedy with Latin American flair? Sign us up. Inspired by the traditions of South American telenovelas, Jane the Virgin has outrageous plot lines and larger than life characters. It is saved from getting too ridiculous thanks to being hyper-self aware and the solid acting chops of it’s lead Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez).

Modern Family

Quietly revolutionary, Modern Family is sharply written, slyly hilarious and smarter than it first appears. Following the fortunes of one family headed by patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), it’s a refreshing take on an tradition family sitcom. With ten seasons, there is plenty to binge.

How I Met Your Mother

Look, the premise is ridiculous. It’s a man, sometime in the not-to-distant-future telling his children how he met their mother in New York in the noughties. It’s a very long story. But damn it. We all want to hang out in that crappy bar in New York with Ted and the gang and search for love. It makes you all nostalgic for your 20s – even if you’re still in them.

We all want to hang out in that crappy bar in New York with Ted and the gang and search for love.

The Good Place

Sure, the second season goes a little, er, off piste, but it’s forking good fun. Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) has been killed in an unfortunate accident (no really, it’s funny). And finds herself in heaven – sorta. It’s weird, wonderful and possibly the most entertaining philosophy lesson you’ll ever receive.

Parks and Recreation

Never has the mechanisms of local council been so entertaining. The brainchild of comedy legend Amy Poehler, this quirky sit-com revolving around the madcap antics of a group of small-town council workers will have you looking at your local municipal in a whole new light.

Queer Eye

Remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy of the early noughties? This is the very 2018 update. Gone are the bitchy asides of the original, this Fab Five dive into people’s lives and transform them in ways that will have you ugly crying in front of the TV in the best possible way.

This Fab Five dive into people’s lives and transform them in ways that will have you ugly crying…


Cleaver Greene is a philanderer, a liar and a man who spends most of his time in brothels and gambling dens but… we love him anyway. Sydney’s dodgiest criminal lawyer is the subject of this laugh out loud comedy. Rake isn’t exactly one for the warm and fuzzies, but it’s damn good fun.

Arrested Development

This cult classic ran from 2003 to 2006 and while it had a small and loyal following back then, it was perhaps a little too ahead of it’s time to really click with a mainstream audience. The Bluth family are dysfunctional, wealthy and very, very, entertaining.

Peep Show

You might think a show about two barely employable and highly undatable no-hopers would be a downer, but not this comedy classic. Jez and Mark muddle through dating, share flatting, working, drug taking and partying with quite frankly, little success. But it’s sharp writing and gritty charm make Peep Show the kind of comfort viewing you can watch again and again.


The show that first brought Megan Markle to the spotlight (and the attention of her future husband) is actually very watchable. If you are expecting a gritty courtroom procedural you’ll be disappointed. But if you are happy to watch pretty people in suits strut around a fancy office (seriously, no one is ever at their desk in this place) and occasionally say lawyer-y sounding words while making out with each other after another late night lawyer session where they pretend to read books, then Suits will, er, suit you just fine.

What are your top five doona day TV go-tos? Share with us in the comments below.


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